About Me

Norbert Simonis


Of Succes & Achievements

I was born in Romania, When I was 8 years old my parents moved to Germany in search of a better life, Romania back then was a communist country and the living conditions was very poor. Originally I’m from Romania born in the City Brasov in Transilvania the famous Hollywood Movie City where Dracula comes from.

In Germany, I graduated school and Studie Mechanical Engineering. I was passionate about sport and successes my entire life. In Germany, I was dreaming and working to achieve that tirelessly. By my 29th birthday, I moved back to Romania, to opening my first EMS Studio in Sibiu. That was the start of my International Business and career called Body Time, and this is another story. Since i’m young i was focusing on success and achieving higher goals than people around me. My mother told me when i was 9 years old i said her mom with 30 i will be a millionaire.

Since i’m a child i was always thinking about branding success open a big company worldwide my goal is and was even in young years franchise business. I was always a big fan of Mc Donalds not the food the business franchise to have stores all around the world. Design, style, sport and a healthy lifestyle become one of the most important thing in my life. I believe since im young that success is not just making some money success is making also other people successful.

The most important thing is for a well educated and smart business man not just to focus on making money and success. The way how you look your health your body is at fare more important than anything else in the world. Balance is the meaning of success. Balance in life with components linke health, sport, education, respect, success and achieving goals in a proper timeline.


Open a fitness brand with 18 branches in Romania Europa and getting market leader in EMS Fitness

Open in Dubai / Abu Dhabi 12 Branches in 2 years and become market leader in EMS Fitness in the UAE

Birth of my lovely daughter Samira.

Buying my first Ferrari

Moving and leaving in Burj Khalifa highest building on planet earth.

Buying my first Lamborghini Aventador the most amazing car i drive ever.

2018 start offering Franchising

2018 Become a Distributor of i Motion EMS Devices

2019 Open Body Time in the USA Chicago

2019 Open Body Time in the Doha \ Qatar

2019 Become the international example for successful EMS Fitness Business

From Zero To Hero

“Well done is better than well said”

Norbert Simonis